Kenn Kweder Documentary

The Kenn Kweder Documentary

Many know him as an icon of Philadelphia music; a pioneer in the rock scene. He has made a name for himself since the 70’s as one of the city’s most inspirational and hard working artists.  This movie will tell the story of local legend, Kenn Kweder, both past and present.


While a lot of the film will go into his history, showing rare and never before seen footage, a good portion of the film will also show you who he is today.  Kweder is a man who still goes out five nights a week and plays with everything he has.  He has never stopped.  His business cards say simply: “Kenn Kweder. Rock Star.”  This project is for one tireless musician, his dedicated fans, and all those who have yet to hear his words.  Thank you for helping us make the movie the most Kwederific it can be!